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PagerWindow Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void buildWindow (bool reconfigure)
void clearFocus (void)
void configureNotifyEvent (const XConfigureEvent *const event)
unsigned int desktopId (void)
void exposeEvent (const XExposeEvent *const event)
Pixmap getFocusedPixmap (void)
bt::Texture getFocusedTexture (void)
Pixmap getPixmap (void)
bt::Texture getTexture (void)
void height (int h)
int height (void)
int initWindowGeometry (void)
bool isFocused (void)
bool isMarked (void)
bool isShaded (void)
bool isSkipped (void)
bool isSticky (void)
void lower (void)
void mark (bool val)
 PagerWindow (ToolWindow *toolwindow, Window _win)
void propertyNotifyEvent (const XPropertyEvent *const event)
void raise (void)
Window realWindow (void)
void reconfigure (void)
void redraw (void)
void setDesktopId (unsigned int id)
void setFocus (void)
void setSticky (bool val)
void width (int w)
int width (void)
Window window (int desktop)
Window window (void)
void x (int val)
int x (void)
int y (void)
void y (int val)

Private Member Functions

void buildPagerWindow (bool reconfigure, unsigned int nr)
void destroyWindow ()
void hideWindow ()
void showWindow ()

Private Attributes

unsigned int desktop_id
unsigned int desktop_nr
::Display * display
bt::EWMH * ewmh
bool focused
bool hidden
bool iconic
bool marked
unsigned int number_of_desktops
int pager_height
int pager_width
int pager_x
int pager_y
Pixmap pixmap
Pixmap pixmap_focused
Window * pwin
int screen
bool shaded
bool skip
bool sticky
Window win
unsigned int window_height
unsigned int window_width
int window_x
int window_y

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file pager.h.

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