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ToolWindow Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addDesktopWindow (DesktopWindow *, bool)
void addDesktopWindow (unsigned int nr)
void addFrameWindow (PagerWindow *, Window, bool)
void changeDesktop (int)
void changeWinDesktop (Window, int)
void changeWindow (Window)
Configurationconfiguration (void)
void desktopChange (unsigned int desktop_nr)
std::list< DesktopWindow * > & desktopWindowList (void)
bt::EWMH * ewmh (void)
DesktopWindowfindDesktopWindow (unsigned int desktop_nr)
DesktopWindowfindDesktopWindow (Window win)
PagerWindowfindFocusedPagerWindow ()
PagerWindowfindPagerWindow (Window win)
PagerWindowfindPPagerWindow (Window win)
void focusWindow (Window)
FrameWindowframeWindow (void)
int getCurrentDesktopNr (void)
int getCurrentScreen (void)
const bt::ScreenInfo * getCurrentScreenInfo (void)
int getDesktop (Window)
int getNumberOfDesktops (void)
ResourcegetResource (void)
int getWindowGeometry (PagerWindow *)
bool isIcon (Window)
void lowerWindow (Window)
void MakeWindow (bool)
void moveWinToDesktop (PagerWindow *pager_window, unsigned int desktop_nr)
void moveWinToDesktop (Window win, DesktopWindow *desktop)
unsigned int numberOfDesktops (void)
std::list< PagerWindow * > & pagerWindowList (void)
void raiseWindow (Window)
void reconfigure (void)
void removeDesktopWindow (void)
void setBlackboxInit (void)
void setNumberOfDesktops (int n)
virtual void shutdown (void)
 ToolWindow (Configuration options)
int winOnDesktop (Window)
Atom & wmDeleteWindowAtom (void)
Atom & wmStateAtom (void)

Public Attributes

int desktop_nr
std::list< PagerWindow * > pager_window_list
Window root_window

Private Attributes

bt::EWMH * _ewmh
int column_last
unsigned int current_desktop_nr
int current_screen
const bt::ScreenInfo & current_screen_info
std::list< DesktopWindow * > desktop_window_list
int iargc
char ** iargv
unsigned int number_of_desktops
int row_last
bool wm_init
Atom xa_wm_delete_window
Atom xa_wm_state

Detailed Description

Definition at line 98 of file bbpager.h.

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